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Bontech entered the digital X-ray detector market in 2013, and since the launch of BDS4343, we have been continuously developing and producing TFT-based X-ray detectors required for medical and animal use, as well as industrial and security inspections.

In the case of TFT product lineup, superior diagnostic images can be visually confirmed according to the higher gray scale.
In addition, by pursuing a customer-oriented design, a TFT detector that can be integrated quickly is a product with reliability and robustness.

▹ Various product lineup from 38.4cm x 46cm to 46cm x 46cm ▹ High resolution implementation ▹ Various detectors from portable to cassette type ▹ Fast video acquisition time (Less than 3sec) ▹ Low-dose, high-quality video

✔ Competitiveness of Bontech System · Bontech's unique X-ray automatic recognition technology minimizes the recognition rate and error range. · A highly portable product designed to be thin and light with advanced technology maximizes user efficiency.

✔ Fast customer support Direct response from the manufacturer enables prompt customer support and service. The technical support team that can analyze the cause of the problem operates 24 hours a day, and provides immediate support in case of a problem in using the product.

✔ Customer-specific design We manufacture most of our products ourselves, so we can customize according to customer requests.

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