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Medical System

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    General system
    Model XVISION-525
    Characteristic ▶Rotating tube stand
    - Strong rotating anode tube and dual focusing
    - Easy and fast positioning at various angles

    ▶Convenient usability
    - Comfort with a simple workflow
    - Intuitive and user -oriented interface

    ▶4-Way Floating Table
    - Smooth shooting possible by moving the location easily
    - Extensive horizontal and vertical movement

    ▶Wall Bucky Stand
    - Wide vertical movement range
    - Smooth movement movement operation

    ▶ Compatible with various detectors
    - High spec and digital
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    Mobile system
    Model POX-100BT / POXBILE-100BT / POX-100DR
    Characteristic ▶Excellent video quality
    - Fine focus size
    - Slim LED Collimator

    ▶Natural movement with balanced ARM structure
    - 2000mm SID

    ▶Smart operation
    - Intuitive and user-friendly OP console synchronized with the mobile head's sub console
    - Optimal diagnostic image through 30 APR
    - Remote control with hand switch

    ▶Light and compact design and operation
    - Easy mobility and high flexibility
    - A storage box to safely store the detector

    ▶ Smooth and balanced movements
    - inside. Equipped with Daehyun wheels, useful for all environments such as outdoors
    - Implementation of smooth mobility
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